Updated 8/02/2024

Country overview

  • There are no restrictions for people living with HIV to enter, visit and live in the country.
  • Serbian citizens receive ART at the expense of the Health Insurance Fund.

Labor migrants

Labor migrants with confirmed fixed-term and indefinite labor contracts have the same access to medical services as working citizens. The system of compulsory health insurance applies to all without exception, but it can be used under the following conditions:
  • Health services are available to you if you are insured for an uninterrupted period of three months or more.
  • The uninterrupted period of insurance counts when premiums are paid regularly.
If it is not possible to verify the existence of insurance and its regular payment - access to medical services is limited to assistance in case of an occupational injury or occupational disease. In all other cases, only emergency treatment is available.


All refugees can pass analysis for free in infectious disease clinics. Refugees from Ukraine are additionally entitled to emergency medical care. However, in case of the absence of documents that confirm refugee status, other medical services are provided only on a fee basis.
After obtaining a Serbian ID card and a certificate of temporary protection, refugees have the same access to medical services as Serbian citizens. But in order to receive ART for free, compulsory health insurance is required.
To obtain health insurance you must:
  1. Register the place of your residence at a local police station.
  2. Submit the documents to your local Health Insurance Fund office. If the person has no job or family member with an insurance in the Republic of Serbia, insurance can be obtained on the basis of the "Decision on Temporary Protection in the Republic of Serbia for Displaced Persons arriving from Ukraine".
If neither options are available, it is possible to pay for the "compulsory health insurance" card by your own. The cost is less than 30 euros per month (data from 2022).

Access to treatment

For migrants and refugees the algorithm for obtaining ART is the same.
You can go to any of the four clinical centers in Serbia with your personal documents and health insurance. The treatment is prescribed for no more than 6 months.
ART is given monthly in local pharmacies. After the first prescription, the pills can be obtained within 14 days from the date of the prescription. Each subsequent month during the period: 7 days before- and 7 days after-the date the treatment was prescribed.
HIV-related care and treatment in Serbia is provided in four clinical centers in the cities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac.

UKCS Infectious and Tropical Disease Clinic (HIV/AIDS Department)
Address: Buljevar Oslovozenje 16, Belgrade
Clinic for Infectious Diseases UKCV - (Center for HIV and AIDS)
Address: Novi Sad, Hajduk Veljkova 1
Clinic for Infectious Diseases, UKC (HIV/AIDS Department)
Address: Nis, Bulevar Zorana Đinđić 40
Clinic for Infectious Diseases, UKC (Department of Febrile Conditions and HIV)
Address: Kragujevac, Dragon Jovina 30

Here are pharmacies that always have ART in stock. Also at each pharmacy there is an information line for people living with HIV where you can get the information you need:
Galena park Pharmacy
Pharmacy Dr Max
Pharmacy "Oaza zdravlja"

National Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health "Potent" - (Potent Centri za testiranje i podršku)
Service: ART in case of emergency, support for people living with HIV, STI testing, PrEP, PEP
Web site: www.potent.org.rs
Address: Miloša Pocerca 30 - Belgrade


Service: support for people living with HIV, testing, PrEP, PEP
Web site: www.potent.org.rs
Address: Miloša Pocerca 30 - Belgrade

Service: peer counselling, HIV testing, social support, hotline.
Address: 7 Oktobra br.1, Jevremovac - Šabac