Updated 8/02/2024

Country overview

  • There are no restrictions on entry and residence for people living with HIV. Also, there are no specific legal regulations concerning HIV in Montenegro.
  • Antiretroviral treatment can be brought for personal use in the amount corresponding to the duration of your stay. However, the medication must remain in the original container. To have the prescription with you is recommended.

Labor migrants

Migrant workers obtain health insurance for a year after they officially get a job and a work permit. It provides medical care in state clinics on a same basis as for Montenegrin citizens.


Citizens of Ukraine, who need medical assistance, have the right to access services on an equal basis with residents of Montenegro. But first, it is needed to apply to the Office for the Integration of Foreigners at the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro with a document confirming the status of international protection (refugee status).

Access to treatment

Contact an HIV counseling center and make an appointment for getting a referral to an infectious disease clinic.
Institute for Public Health
Address: Dzona Dzeksona bb, Podgorica 81000.
Opening Hours: 8:00 - 15:00

Infectious desease clinic
Address: Dzona Dzeksona bb Podgorica
Dr Brankica Dupanović, Head of AIDS Department
Miruša Zečević, VSS, head nurse

There are no options to buy ART in Montenegro.

There are no options to recieve ART on emergencies in Montenegro.


Service: Counseling, support groups
Web site: www.chf-mhf.me
Address: Ulica Save Kovačevića br. 26, Podgorica

Service: Counseling and support group
Web site: www.juventas.me
Address: Ul. Marka Miljanova br.42, Podgorica