Updated 8/02/2024

Country overview

  • There are no restrictions on entry or residence for people living with HIV.
  • Citizens of Slovenia living with HIV receive treatment at the expense of the Health Insurance Fund.

Labor migrants

Migrant workers receive compulsory health insurance at their place of work. It gives foreigners the same access to medical services as for citizens.


Persons with confirmed international protection (refugee status or so-called subsidiary protection) are entitled to compulsory health insurance. The application for compulsory health insurance will be considered after confirmation of international protection status.
Compulsory health insurance covers only general and emergency medical services and examinations, it includes HIV treatment and care.

Access to treatment

In order to apply for medical care and receive ART, you must have a passport, a document confirming your refugee status (temporary protection certificate card) and mandatory health insurance.
With these documents, you can choose your general practitioner/family doctor.
Then, you need a referral from your GP/family doctor in order to get an appointment with an HIV specialist, get tested and receive ART.

Clinics for Infectious diseases, University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Klinika za infekcijske bolezni in vročinska stanja)
Web site: www.kclj.si
Address: Japljeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

You can buy ART in a pharmacy by yourself only if you have a medical opinion from a Slovenian infectious disease specialist.

Please contact an infectious diseases clinic. Information is in the section "How to get to the HIV clinic".


Service: for the LGBT community. Peer counselling, support groups, testing, legal aid.
Web site: www.legebitra.si
Address: Trubarjeva 76a 1000 Ljubljana