"Stay on ART" is a navigation tool specifically for people living with HIV, aimed at improving access to treatment, when visiting, moving or migrating to another country.

It contains brief information about countries within the WHO European Region, for HIV purposes, for those people planning a long-term stay in another country for work or migration reasons. It provides step-by-step procedures, with a list of documents, required for access to healthcare and antiretroviral treatment. It also provides useful links, addresses and additional options for emergency situations.
The information is not definative and may change according to the geopolitical situation and national legislation. We will monitor the situation, updating the data regularly. The coverage of countries will also be expanded over time.
Life4me+ is an international non-profit organization, supporting people living with HIV. We register cases of discrimination, monitor the quality of treatment and cooperate with the healthcare systems and other NGOs all over the world.
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